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BCD International Inc. DBA Direct Global Deals is an organization that is changing and tranforming very fast every day.
We believe change is the way of life and the faster we adapt to change the better it is for our survival and to the survival and growth of our esteemed clients which is YOU.
In todays world, with umpteen products; getting the item that sells fast is like picking a needle from a haystack.
With our experience and the ongoing dedicated effort of our valued staff here and in the orient, we continually source, develop and add percieved value to our products.
Our focus is on quality and on packaging the product in a way that makes the final customer come back for more....


Come and see our products!

  • ASD Las Vegas Convention Center- August 3-6, 2014.
  • NY Toy Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center- February 14-17, 2015
Visit Our Booth! 
  • ASD Trade Show- Booth Number SU2160- South Hall, upstairs at the Las Vegas Convention center.
  • NY Toy Show- Booth Number 3207 located on level 3 (upper level) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.
Be sure to stop by while you are at the show, we have great products and deals that will catch your eye.

Contact Us


Call us: 732-662-5525
Fax us: 732-744-1501
Our warehouse is located at 1201 E Linden Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
Our new warehouse and showroom will be located at 356 W First Ave. Roselle, NJ 07203 beginning July 2014.
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